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Great American Royal Weddings

I’m so excited about this upcoming royal wedding. Really…seriously. I am. It just got me thinking about the great weddings in history of American Royalty.

Jesse Ventura’s commentary in the first video is classic:

  • “Do the rings go on fingers or in noses?”
  • “Looks like two carp in the Mississippi River going after the same piece of corn”

Uncle Elmer’s Wedding by TSteck160

And of course, who could forget this sequence that changed history and ushered in the McMahon/Helmsley era.

Wedding of Test & Stephanie McMahon by marshal99

If you didn’t get teary-eyed watching those two videos, I got two words for ya…

Brushing Up On My Spanish

I watch this video, I don’t know, 9 or 10 times a day just to make sure I don’t forget everything I’ve learned. You can come back here and watch it any time…it’s a guilty pleasure.

One day I’m going to have a big old square white house and we’re going to go outside, turn off all the lights, and dance by the pool. Also my shoulder will be massive from constantly pulling off my jacket just enough to expose them.

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