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Today’s iTunes Playlist

I picked the right song to seed iTunes Genius today.

Jerry Jeff Walker — What I Like About Texas
Robert Earl Keen — Jesse With the Long Hair
Cory Morrow — Always And Forever (Live)
Robert Earl Keen — What I Really Mean
Ray Wylie Hubbard — Conversation with the Devil
Pat Green — Somewhere Between Texas And Mexico
Jerry Jeff Walker — Navajo Rug
Robert Earl Keen — Copenhagen
Chris Knight — Becky’s Bible
Waylon Jennings — Bob Wills Is Still the King
The Highwaymen — Highwayman
Guy Clark — The Cape
Robert Earl Keen — Snowin’ On Raton
George Strait — Blame It on Mexico
Jerry Jeff Walker — Pickup Truck Song
Robert Earl Keen — Crazy Cowboy Dream
Cory Morrow — Angela (Live)
Billy Joe Shaver — Georgia On A Fast Train
Pat Green — Over And Over
Robert Earl Keen — Mr. Wolf and Mamabear
Chris Knight — Highway Junkie
Waylon Jennings — T for Texas (Blue Yodel No. 1)
Jerry Jeff Walker — Viva Luckenbach
George Strait — I Can’t See Texas from Here
Guy Clark — Dublin Blues
Robert Earl Keen — I’m Comin’ Home
Cory Morrow — I’ll Go On Downtown (Live)
Asleep at the Wheel — Boogie Back to Texas
Pat Green — One Thing
Robert Earl Keen — Broken End of Love
Todd Snider — The Ballad Of The Devil’s Backbone Tavern
Jerry Jeff Walker — Keep Texas Beautiful
Pat Green — It’s Time
David Allan Coe — Please Come To Boston
Robert Earl Keen — Amarillo Highway
Chris Knight — A Pretty Good Guy
Guy Clark — Home Grown Tomatoes
Merle Haggard — Red Bandana
Jerry Jeff Walker — Hill Country Rain
Cory Morrow — Just Along For The Ride (Live)
Willie Nelson — Texas
Bellamy Brothers — You Ain’t Just Whistlin’ Dixie
Guy Clark — The Randall Knife
Robert Earl Keen — Blow You Away
Jerry Jeff Walker — Gonzo Compadres
Chris Knight — North Dakota
George Strait — 80 Proof Bottle of Tear Stopper
Robert Earl Keen — Walkin’ Cane8
Cory Morrow — Better Man (Live)
Johnny Lee — Cherokee Fiddle
Merle Haggard — It’s Been A Great Afternoon
Jerry Jeff Walker — I Feel Like Hank Williams Tonight
David Allan Coe — Jack Daniels If You Please
Chris Wall — Damn Good Time
Robert Earl Keen — The Wild Ones
Robert Earl Keen — Daddy Had a Buick
Pat Green — Lucky Ones
Chris Knight — Send A Boat
Guy Clark — Stuff That Works
Jerry Jeff Walker — Down in Texas
Cory Morrow — Ride Away (Live)
Robert Earl Keen — Goin’ Nowhere Blues
Merle Haggard — Misery & Gin
George Strait — Lefty’s Gone
Lyle Lovett — San Antonio Girl
Robert Earl Keen — Here in Arkansas
Todd Snider — Tension
Pat Green — Sweet Revenge
Jerry Jeff Walker — Trashy Women
Robert Earl Keen — Ride
Steve Wariner — Some Fools Never Learn
Cory Morrow — Shame On Me (Live)
Merle Haggard — Rainbow Stew
Chris Knight — Hard Candy
David Allan Coe — “Willie, Waylon And Me”
Jerry Jeff Walker — I Makes Money (Money Don’t make Me)
Guy Clark — Hank Williams Said It Best
Robert Earl Keen — Not A Drop Of Rain4
Willie Nelson — with George Jones / Half a Man
Pat Green — Temporary Angel
Robert Earl Keen — Night Right for Love
Merle Haggard — Let’s Chase Each Other Around The Room
Jerry Jeff Walker — Cowboy Boots & Bathin’ Suits
Asleep at the Wheel — Way Down Texas Way
Todd Snider — Side Show Blues
Cory Morrow — She Breaks My Heart (Live)
Chris Knight — If I Were You
David Allan Coe — Jody Like A Melody
Robert Earl Keen — The Great Hank
Don Williams — Good Ole Boys Like Me
Jerry Jeff Walker — Don’t it make you Wanna dance
Merle Haggard — My Own Kind Of Hat
Conway Twitty — Don’t Call Him A Cowboy
Pat Green — My Little Heaven
Todd Snider — The Ballad of the Kingsmen
Willie Nelson — I Gotta Get Drunk
Guy Clark — Black Diamond Strings
Jerry Jeff Walker — I’ll Be There In The Morning
Cory Morrow — Aggie Call (Live)
Robert Earl Keen — A Border Tragedy

It’s Not The Economy Bob!

Bob Dylan has canceled his show in Knoxville due to low ticket sales:

Snider declined to reveal how many tickets were sold but said the number was too low to rely on last-minute ticket purchases to save the show.

“It’s just sort of tough times economically, right now,” said Snider.

Yes, things are tough economically, but another reason ticket sales are low is because it’s the “Bob Dylan” concert. I saw Dylan at Smokies Stadium with Willie Nelson in 2004.  Dylan was horrible. He was two verses into “All Along the Watchtower” before I even recognized it. Waste of time and money.

Willie is always a tremendous show, and Mellencamp is a great show as well. I’ve only seen him once and walked away a fan. Actually, I walked away realizing how big of a fan I’d always been.

I didn’t buy tickets because Dylan was part of the show. Can’t justify giving money for him to take time away from two good acts.

And some breaking news for the KNS–Mellencamp dropped “Cougar” about 20 years ago. You got scooped!

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