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Daily Reading List — May 8th

Practice – It's been 13 years. Never forget.

Exercise or Games? Why Not Both! – Bring it! I have high hopes for stuff like this motivating people to get moving. #NotAvailableOnGarminDevices

Your online project management software tools – I don't think there's a one size fits all tool out there. And if there was, it would probably be too complicated to use. But this one seems worth checking out.

13 Recipes That Take Boxed Wine To The Next Level – Boxed wine is already next level–if you get the right box. It's important for the box to open easily so you can get in there and squeeze every drop out of the bag.

Hey, part of the reason you bought this was to save money, right? No sense in being ashamed of that fact once you've almost emptied it.

The Case Against Competing – HBR – Competition and "beating the other guy" is so overrated. Unless you are talking about rugby. That changes things.

I once heard a very inspiring pre-match speech in which the (very gifted) orator stated the team's objective of the day should be to not only wanted to defeat the enemy and spend the night in the arms of their women, but also cause their club to fold and burn their town to the ground. Additionally, we were encouraged to do everything possible to ensure that, even if the town was rebuilt, no one would ever dare consider starting a rugby club there again.

Salting the pitch, if you will.

Holsteins’ Cereal Bowl Bamboozled Shake puts Cap’n Crunch to good use – I will be making this with Cinnamon Toast Crunch instead of Cap'n Crunch.

Oooooh…or Apple Jacks!

Innovation is Eating Consumer Finance | ThoughtWorks – This series focuses on financial services, but every industry that hasn't been disrupted yet is ripe for disruption.

What’s the Hurry? Building a Digital Enterprise – "Again, the strategies of the past that focused on efficiency led many CEOs to view IT as a cost center to be run as efficiently as possible. The legacy leaves many organizations with huge technical debts—from poorly maintained legacy systems to outdated processes to staff with trailing-edge capabilities. Organizations are, in general, moving far too slowly to build their technical capabilities for the burgeoning digital era."

The Post-Cycling Wine-o

I’ve been doing a lot of my cycling at night lately, and I’m fortunate to be able to do that. The only problem is that riding the bike really wakes me up. I’m typically very alert and awake for at least an hour after getting out of the saddle. It’s like the anti-swimming. And that’s great for morning rides, but when I finish a workout at 11:30 pm, I just want to go to sleep…but I can’t.

If I had unlimited time and access to a lap pool, I’d handle this solution like Elvis–jump into the pool and swim for a while to induce sleep. Then I’d also need to jump on the bike after swimming to get my energy levels back up. It’s a vicious cycle.

Since I can’t go for a quick swim to make me sleepy, could a list of great post-cycling wines be the solution?

I just have to be careful not to partake when I have a workout the following morning…running with a headache is no fun, and even a glass affects me these days.

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