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New policy: 20 push ups any time I put calories into my mouth (making coffee exempt). I’m not sure if that means I’ll be doing more push ups, eating fewer calories, or just eating them all at once. 80 push ups yesterday.

It’s a behavioral experiment as much as it is a fitness endeavor.

Correct Swimming Pool Temps

I’m going to break this down to levels beyond scientific, based on my test data.

I’m proposing a “bust-yer-aise” scale similar to the wind chill factor or the heat index. 80 feels like 88, provided you’re working hard enough.

If 80 degree water in your backyard pool is too cold for you to cool off in, you need to increase the intensity of your run/bike/walk/row/rugby/training. Or mow/landscape harder. Whatever.

And the max temperature for a lap pool should be ~78. If you can’t make yourself sweat buckets in 78 degree water, consult a physician.

DailyMile needs to expand their “add a workout” section to cover things like yard work. I know I’m not at my top level of fitness right now, but I go at it pretty hard in the yard some days, especially when I’m wielding a machete. That should count for something more than a blank spot in my workout log.

Maybe they are aware I’m offsetting the calories with beer as I go?

Better Than Most 30 Year Olds

Check out this guy…95 years old and still working out with weights, doing cardio, and starting out his day with 1,500 crunches. Most people 1/3 of this guys age start their day out with 1,500 calories of Cap’n Crunch.

“All the doctors that have treated me can’t believe what they’re seeing,” Matzinger said. “That’s encouraging, to go to the doctor and have compliments rather than prescriptions.”

I remember doing a 10 mile race a few years ago and a guy in his 80s finished in under 2 hours. People like that are amazing. I hope I live long enough to have an opportunity to be like that, and I hope I don’t blow it.

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