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I’m reading– December 29th through January 4th

China Up, America Down – If them folks cain't swim, they bound to drizown. Hard to argue with these points, until China starts trying to bully other countries. In 5, 4, 3…

RunKeeper Pro– Free Through January – Normally $10 for the pro version, get it free!

Delicious In Purgatory – I would be SO gone already (I already have a contingency plan in place) if all of my Delicious bookmarks weren't being used to generate permanent blog posts for me. And my notes in Delicious (like this one) work better as comments in a blog than they do in Twitter, or my problem would be solved already.

And just like that, the plugin I use to generate posts from Delicious adds support for Pinboard. Outta here Delicious!

Yahoo! Killing

Flabbergasted. ranks 255th in traffic on the web right now according to Alexa, and they are just going to ax it? Not even shopping it around to potential buyers? I don’t have the numbers, but I’d guess is the leader in the social ¬†bookmarking market.

Sure, Yahoo! hasn’t done as much with it as it should have. They’ve pretty much done nothing with it. So why not at least continue that and just give it away.

Killing this service is a real shame.

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