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Here I Am

Again Nashville…write me a song like this.

Here I Am
On my way
Down another road I have paved
With every good intention I’ve saved
And hearts that I broke
As for me I got scars
For every mile I’ve traveled so far
And some blood
On my hands
Here I am

With a song in my heart
And an attitude from the start
I took everybody apart
To see how they work
I got friends that I owe
I ain’t namin’ names cuz they know
Where they stand
Here I am

Here I am
Here I am
Here I am

If I went back where I’ve been
And I knew what I know now then
Well I’d probably do it again
Cuz I’m just a man
At the end of the day
I ain’t got nothing to say

Here I am
Here I am
Here I am

Here I am
Here I am
Here I am

Vitamin A Challenges Big Ben Yet Again

Almost everyone who reads this blog loves a good rasslin’ promo.

Since I’m pretty much the only one who reads it, it’s easy to get a majority.

I’m probably stirring up a hornets’ nest here, because the last promo I cut motivated Big Ben to perform at levels no one ever thought was possible.

But Vitamin A must have his revenge. And the Vols will destroy the Wolverines in the Sweet 16.

She skips me like a rock

She rolls me like thunder

She knocks me down like a fifth of Tennessee

She’s a pitch that I can’t hit

She’s a joke that I don’t get

She’s crazy…that’s alright with me

I want to go much faster than the speed limit in a 196x muscle car with the original Van Halen lineup with this song playing on an up-to-date stereo system.

I’ll go ahead and volunteer to be the designated driver, but I want Michael Anthony to ride shotgun for sure. Alex can sit right behind me and kick the crap out of my seat or bang on the headrest to the beat. Ed can ride on the back seat hump with Dave on the passenger side. They can fight over space.

Also, the music needs to be playing loud enough to drown out whatever DLR happens to be talking about at the moment.

Someone Please Explain “House of Cards” Episode 8 To Me



Here’s what I don’t get–up until this episode, Frank is 100% aware that we’re watching him and is willing to turn to us and let us know exactly what he’s thinking. He does this with no shame. In fact, he usually seems very proud of himself.

So does he think our magic camera doesn’t work outside of the Beltway? We’re going to accept the revelation that he messed around with one of his best friends in college and he doesn’t feel the need to explain himself to us? That doesn’t seem like something a Congressman from South Carolina would let people know about without at least trying to spin.

Is it that we’re getting to see the true Frank for the first time, so he feels he doesn’t have to explain himself? Seems unlikely. Beltway Frank is who he wants us to see.

I think it would have been much more true to the show for the relationship to be alluded to with a simple gesture or look that we see, even though we weren’t supposed to. Maybe once he’s aware that we’ve seen it he jumps back into Beltway Frank mode to explain what we just saw? Dunno.

This episode was good when focusing on Russo and Claire, but I had to watch episode 9 the same day just to let them get some redemption.

Finally in E9 something that seemed pretty obvious to me from the beginning was realized by the show–there’s absolutely no reason for Zoe to have carnal interest in Frank.

Attracted to his power and prestige? Don’t think so. People that are attracted to that kind of stuff aren’t content to live in apartments like hers.

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