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Daily Reading List — January 29th

Marc Andreessen On The Future Of Enterprise – Long, but bookmarked to finish reading later! Good stuff here!

The Surprisingly Comfortable Mio Alpha Heart Rate Watch Does Away With Those Pesky Chest Straps – HRM straps don't really bother me much. Until I lose them and have to replace them.

Not a Real Runner? – A bunch of crap! Why would you discourage anyone, especially someone using a valid and very successful method.

How Real Runners Train on Treadmills – Some really good stuff here, especially for people who live in areas with only one geographic feature.

The Demographics of Ingress – Very cool. Interesting stats here…especially the drive to Google +.

Daily Reading List — January 11th

A Runner’s Rules – "You can't plan for great runs. They just happen." Hells to the yeah.

A Parent’s Take on Snapchat – It's actually pretty genius–make people think what they are doing is being wiped away forever. Sell them that story. That's the story they want to hear. Doesn't really matter if it's true or not, right?

Google+ is not a Social Network, but a Social Layer – Will go ahead and say it again, but I think it's a conclusion people are going to have to come to on their own…unfortunately for them.

Google+ Photos Get Pan And Zoom Functionality, Letting You Really Explore High-Res Photos – They're adding stuff at a break neck pace. I know you don't use Google+. I also know you are using it all the time and just don't realize you are.

Get Off The Sidelines, Google + Button Update Coming, and Netflix for Kids

These link dumps every few days make it nice for me to keep some fresh content coming, even when I don’t have a ton to say. Of course, if you follow @sadcox on Twitter, you get this stuff almost-real-time…for FREE!

You Can’t Become a Man From The Sidelines – Join your local rugby club this season. Or learn to play an instrument. Or grow and kill your own food. Build a house. Paint a self-portrait. Anything is better than just watching other people live their lives.

Van hits, kills bicycle rider near DeLand – This is Sara McLarty’s father. Be careful out there.

Google+ Share to Specific Circles – Big news for publishers…you’ll be able to decide what images and descriptions are shared with Snippets.

Twitter Based Hedge Fund – Has someone finally found a way to tap the emotions of the market? I’ll stick with logic.

Tenured Professors: Get Out While You Can – This doesn’t seem outside the realm of possibility to me. “Get out while you can” may be a little strong, but contingency plans are never a bad idea.

90’s 411: Music, Fashion, Timelines, Movies, TV and More – I’ve perused this site to see if I can find the phrase, “Congratulations Possums on your 1998 Midwest Championship…” Nothing’s turned up yet.

New Swype Keyboard Makes Tweeting And Mapping A Breeze – Best text input method for Android gets better!

Netflix, Now For Kids – Out Netflix is already set up “just for kids”. All of the suggestions are for kids’ shows, because that’s pretty much all that gets watched. Seriously, this is a cool feature!

Warren Buffet is not Your Grandpa and More Link Dump

Warren Buffett, Robber Baron? – Nah….he could never have anything but pure motives.

Mother of 13-year-old who smashed up shop blames government – “His mother described him as a ‘good lad’…” Right. Right.

Putting Your Chores on Auto-Pilot – Skimmed this…didn’t see anything about containing young tornadoes that undo your work faster than you can do it.

7 Facebook Features Google Plus Still Lacks – Uh…well, it DOES have photo tagging, and I’d assume search is coming and will blow away anything FB could imagine. This is Google after all. The big missing piece I think is the API. The rest of the garbage listed here (especially “birthdays”) are just more reasons why I like it better than FB. I’m sure games are coming though. All the other crap too.

Chrissie Wellington – The Importance of R&R – Maybe, just maybe, @ChrissieSmiles knows what she’s talking about. I can think of worse people to take advice from…like everybody.

CS man first in Texas to swim across Lake Tahoe – @zentriathlon did it! Awesome job Brett!

Start-Up Chile – Entrepreneurs Welcome! – Cool idea. Some cities in the U.S. should take note. Chile is on my “to-visit” list.

Side note: Thanks to Michael Silence for his continued support!

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