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On The SEC Giving Fans The Heisman

Not the Security and Exchange Commission–I’ll straighten them out next week. I’m talking about the Southeastern Conference.

Now, these are just the simple-minded observations from someone with absolutely no formal training in marketing:

  • If someone is excited about your product and wants to talk about it, you should be happy.
  • If someone is excited about your product and wants to talk about it, you should encourage them.
  • No matter who you are, you have bigger PR problems than someone who is excited about your product telling the world about it.

Michael Silence has been diligent in covering their decision to threaten bloggers, Tweeple, people with phones, and YouTubers, and you can get a ton of information on this from him and others.

Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and More!

FromĀ  No Silence Here.

Blogging is often cited in the obits of newspapers. Twittering is often cited in the obits of blogs. And now I’m hearing Facebook and MySpace cited as the killers of Twitter. Some soon-to-be freshmen in high school told me last week they’re not on blogs or Twitter. They’re strictly Facebook or MySpace.

And just wait for Wave to ramp up. I think it may eventually kill email, along with marginalizing all of these other communication tools. Ok, “kill” may be a strong word, but the future of communication definitely lies in a One-Stop-Shop, real time type of communication instead of these various distributed and semi-connected tools we’re using now.

In the future, every communication tool will be useful for 15 minutes.

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