For technique we kept working the same direction–stuff we can do off of lasso guard. During warmups we did the spin under from reverse de la riva, which I’m getting a tiny bit better at, and this move showed up again in the technique of the night.

This technique was pretty tough for me. Once establishing the lasso guard, we had to create enough space to actually spin under, then we had to use the back of the hand on the knee to make the spin, but this time without the extra leverage of the foot that we have in the  reverse de la riva. That gets you to the spot where you can sit up and extend the legs to finish the omoplata.

He gave us to option to work on that or to continue working with the sweep and bicep cutter we’ve been working on. I tried a couple of the spin unders, but I know where my bread is buttered. I think in this case it would be better for me to rep something that I am almost able to do reliably instead of using that time for something I’m pretty far away from.

Rolled with Matt, Dan the Man, Django, and Abraham. Of note: spent a bunch of time on my back with Matt, and I went for a bunch of different stuff–armbars, chokes, kimuras, etc. Felt bad about that, but he said he was having fun defending, and he did a dang good job of it too! Dan the Man roll was really fun–we were both trying to choke the other guy with his own gi.