I’m trying out keeping paper notes during class instead of trying to remember the steps to technique after class and dictating it into my phone. I’m usually so beat at the end of class I don’t even know my own name, so writing it down as I see it may help a little.

With a turtled up opponent:

Went over Peruvian neck tie from Tuesday

Quick and dirty choke if they defend the PNT is to take the slack out of the lapel and go four fingers in DEEP. Coming over the arm, lace your arm in and hand back up to a karate chop position on the back of opponent’s neck.

For the loop choke, get the four finger grip same as above and pull arm out by the triceps to make space to rotate and round and get the head in. Duck head in and get leg, post front leg up. Sit through (just like the drill) and figure four the leg you’re holding. If no tap, keep the figure four at the ankle and come up to the half-guard. There’s a knee bar there by thrusting hips towards the ground.