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Watching the debates last night, I noticed that other candidates have started to talk about things like auditing the federal reserve and using terms like “Keynesian economics”.

Good job Ron Paul. You started those conversations four years ago and have shifted the debate in some very key areas this time around.

However, I don’t think they are going to be talking about “the fence that keeps us all in” during the 2016 campaign. I’m afraid you may be losing it us a little on that front.

Thinking my money would be better spent this time around helping Newt stir the pot.


I promise I’m not going to have a daily Ron Paul post like I may have possibly been guilty of during the last election cycle. But here’s a way Ron Paul could could have put his organization and fund raising abilities to substantial use…

Switch parties and force Barack Obama to primary against him.

Just an idea.


I realize that’s not possible at this point, but it would’ve been an interesting turn of events.

Ron Paul Running!

Just like last time, I still think he has no chance of winning. But just like last time, he will have the ability to shift the debate towards more libertarian ideas.

The big difference this time around is that Gary Johnson is also running. So instead of being the only libertarian voice in the mainstream debate, there will now be two voices–one a little more extreme than the other. Just an idea here, but maybe Trump is to Palin as Paul is to Johnson.

I do think people are going to be paying more attention this time around when Ron Paul somehow finds a way to tie every single debate question back to the Federal Reserve. You have to give him credit for staying on message. But I think people may be more drawn to Gary Johnson. Not because he’s saying anything that much different than Ron Paul, but because of the way he says it.

Congress Sucks, Except For My Representative

That’s usually why the same clowns keep getting sent back to Congress.

But in this case it’s true–it really isn’t my representative who is the problem. Congratulations to Jimmy Duncan for getting a perfect score on Freedom Index.

The average House score for this index is a dismal 38 percent and the average Senate score is an even worse 35 percent. Three representatives earned perfect scores: John Duncan (R-Tenn.), Jeff Flake (R.-Ariz.), and Ron Paul (R.-Texas).

My Senators need some work though.

Senator Bernie Sanders (Independent-Vt.), an avowed socialist, is the same score garnered by two GOP senators — Lamar Alexander (Tenn.) and George Voinovich (Ohio)

Hat Tip: Terry Frank

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