2:3 Breathing

I’m a 1:3 breather right now, which means I breathe every 3 strokes. This works out because it lets me breathe on both sides of my body which is easier on the neck and get a good look-see to both sides. The downside is that you don’t get much oxygen breathing that way. As a result of that (and horrible technique overall), I’ve never really swam to what I think my potential is.

In races I usually throw in some periods of 1:2 breathing, which is breathing every other stroke, always to the same side. More oxygen available, so I do this when I need to accelerate.

2:3 breathing is 2 breaths every three strokes. So it’s R, L, (R), L, R, (L), R, L, (R), L, R, (L)…

I’m going to spend a couple of weeks working on nothing but changing to the 2:3 technique and doing a better job of keeping my head low and reducing bow drag. Going to a January swim clinic to work on everything else.