Registration is complete for the Rocketman 70.3 in May! I was tempted to do the IMFL 70.3 in Haines City again to try to get some redemption, but opted for Rocketman instead.

  • Indian River swim > Lake Eva swim
  • Chance to ride KSC limited access roads and see iconic sites like the VAB and launch pads up close > Polk county orange groves (although, the Haines City bike ride is pretty awsum)
  • 1 loop run > 3 loop run
  • Local race > somewhat local race

UPDATE: I also have yet to read anything in the Rocketman rules requiring participants to wear a shirt. It’s the little things.

@hungrymother and @mcarthur01 are both doing the Haines City race a couple of weeks later, so I’m thinking of volunteering for that one since I’ll be going over there anyway. Maybe I could get an early shift?