Warmup was pretty similar to the usual. Up and down drills along with KoB, side control pummeling for underhooks, and guard retention.

Technique for the night was working on the bow and arrow when opponent is in Turtle. A review, but one I needed because I’d forgotten some of the finer points:

  • Don’t get your arm trapped on the initial turtle shell cracking
  • Grab the leg at the butt as you step over pre-roll
  • Straighten legs to intensify finish

We also worked on taking an arm bar from a failed bow and arrow. I preferred keeping the collar grip and looping my arm over opponent’s head before moving my leg.

Rolled with Ed, Frank, Dan, and Ed. I was pretty tired already from my morning workout, and Ed got me pretty gassed. A lot of the stuff I’ve been working on without the gi wouldn’t fly here because there was so much friction. I wasn’t able to get my legs into the same positions for sweeps that I can when they are bare and sweaty. I definitely scored some points though, and got close to an Ezekiel finish.

Frank just took the rest of my gas. He decided he was going to get kimuras, and I spent a ton of time defending (and losing). Roll with Dan resulted in him having my back for quite a while and me defending a barrage of chokes. I was ultimately able to get into his full guard, but there was no way I was passing. Just too dang tired. Last roll with Ed was just survival and trying to get to a place to attack. Lots of side control, but I couldn’t do anything with it.