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Julio Iglesias And The Hotness Factor

This video features The Missus’ hometown, Cartagena Colombia. It’s an extremely accurate depiction of the hotness factor of the city:

The women really are that hot, and the sweat covering everyone in the video is realistic. No spray bottles needed to achieve that effect.

I’m On a Mission And I’m Wishin’…

I’m wishin’ someone could explain this to me. It’s been bugging me for about 20 years now. Watch, then read…

If your best friend Harry has a brother Larry who is going to marry, isn’t it weird that Larry would ask you to be the best man at the wedding? Doesn’t it seem like he’d be more likely to ask Harry? I guess it’s plausible that you could be Larry’s best friend and Larry not be your best friend. But it seems like this is a best friend triangle you’d rather just not be a part of, especially considering that Larry and Harry are brothers.

I guess it’s possible that Harry is the one getting married and Young MC just mentioned off the cuff that Harry has a brother Larry…dunno.

Like I said, that’s been bugging me for 20 years. This, on the other hand, has been bugging me for 2 solid days:

I Play Rugby

I play rugby because it’s the greatest game in the world.

I play rugby because somebody has to.

I play rugby because I want to be a participant, not a spectator.

I play rugby because it makes me feel alive.

I play rugby because it makes me smile.

I play rugby because so many people built and maintain clubs to give me the opportunity.

I play rugby because refereeing rugby is way too hard.

I play rugby to learn life lessons about hard work, sacrifice, perseverance, and loyalty.

I play rugby for my teammates–past, present, and future.

I play rugby for the funny stories from road trips.

I play rugby because it makes beer taste better.

I play rugby because it’s too late to turn back now.

I play rugby because it’s given me so many great memories and friendships.

I play rugby to spite the bodies that govern the game. 😛

KTown Cage Fights


My buddy Doug is the fight director for a local organization with an MMA fight card coming up next Friday. Local MMA fans who would like to see more events in East Tennessee should check it out!

Doug worked really hard to bring legitimate MMA fighting to Tennessee. I’ve seen him in many bouts myself, though none of them sanctioned, and participated along side him in a few Battle Royals.

Brushing Up On My Spanish

I watch this video, I don’t know, 9 or 10 times a day just to make sure I don’t forget everything I’ve learned. You can come back here and watch it any time…it’s a guilty pleasure.

One day I’m going to have a big old square white house and we’re going to go outside, turn off all the lights, and dance by the pool. Also my shoulder will be massive from constantly pulling off my jacket just enough to expose them.

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