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From Jack Chambless:

With the exception of Geitner, who is alot like Hamilton in his contempt for us commonfolk, the other three….well just look at the names slowly and compare the person from 1776 to the person sitting in the same office in 2012.


A Tech,Education, and Fitness Link Dump

HOW’S THAT HOPEY-CHANGEY STUFF WORKIN’ OUT FOR YA? (CONT’D) – Not often Mr. Reynolds writes something this verbose, but when he does, it’s almost guaranteed to be quotable.

And if I’m peeing all over the wave of hope-and-change hype that got him into office despite his obvious unsuitability, it’s to help ensure that nothing this disastrous happens again in my lifetime. I realize that it’s painful for those who fell victim to the mass hysteria to constantly be reminded of their foolishness, but I hope it’ll be the kind of pain that results in learning.

It’s Not A Mirror, It’s A Crystal Ball – How and why @techcrunch works. And why traditional media is failing. I hope TC doesn’t get watered down by this latest dust up.

The Amazing Colossal Syllabus – The worst thing about this mentality is something I’ve noticed in adults too: their idea of learning is attending a class regularly and getting a certificate of completion. The notion of internalizing the course material and applying it to situations not specifically addressed in the text is completely foreign.

Dim & Dash: Breaking Up – I was once accused of pulling a “frat boy move” when breaking up with a girl this way. Maybe I should have considered that a compliment since she seemed to have a penchant for frat boys.

Quick Math for Understanding Any Goverment Program – Our congressional representatives often measure their success by how many pieces of new legislation they’ve been able to pass. I think a more accurate measure of success is how many pieces of legislation they’ve been able to repeal.

Mauricio’s Ironman – Love reading these race reports! Can’t wait until I get my turn.

Jogging beats weight lifting for losing belly fat – HT @sram9. Personal fitness, like personal finance, is 20% knowledge and 80% behavior. Those numbers may be even more skewed for fitness.

Firefox for Android Tablets Unveiled – Wait…and we still don’t have Chrome on Android devices? This is good news at least.

Long Overdue Link Dump

I’ve been crazy busy with work for the past few weeks, and a lot has happened. Obviously, I haven’t been reading very much, but here’s a small sample.

An Outsider’s Guide to a Triathlon – Love Todd’s approach.

Justice is Not an Excuse for Jubilation – Pretty much how I feel about it all.

Gas Pump Activism – This. Is. Awsum.

Surprise! Woman finds 7-foot gator in bathroom – Had to read this just to make sure she didn’t find it in my bathroom. Of course, I’d be just as concerned about this woman wandering into the house as I would the gator.

Apocalypse later: what happens the day after we hit the debt ceiling – The horror. The horror.

Higher Education: The Next Asset Bubble? – If you consider college to be an investment, it’s reasonable to calculate your ROI before investing, right?

Social Media for Small Businesses: 6 Effective Strategies – Great tips here for one man shows!

Online Poker Legal Now (in D.C.) – I bet (haha) it won’t take long until this ripples out.

If You Don’t Want To Keep The Job

It’s a simple four step process:

Step 1: Do some stuff that makes your opponents really mad.

Step 2: Put your junk in that box.

Step 3: Do things that make many of the people who defended you in Step 1 really mad.

Step 4: Figure out a way to piss off the people who will blindly support you no matter what.

That last step is pretty tough to accomplish, but he has a year and a half to find a way to do it. Remember, we elected this guy because of his unbelievable intellectual prowess, so he’ll surely be able to stratergize a plan of action.

Don’t give up Hope.

Clinton Taking Over For Obama At Presser

I guess I’m supposed to feel outraged. Oddly, “relief” is the word I would choose to describe it. Finally, someone with experience and ability seems to be in control. Added bonus–Bill Clinton actually wants to be President. Notice how he immediately leans on the podium and starts fielding questions.

Obama no longer wants this job. Maybe he never wanted it in the first place. It seems like he’s doing everything he can to work his way out of it.

This brings a whole new meaning to the phrase, “promoted to the level of your incompetency.”

Can you imagine a tee-ball coach handing off a post-game talk with parents to one of his assistants because his wife is waiting in the car? Me either.

A Crazy WikiLeaks Spin

I’m really surprised some wingnut out there hasn’t hypothesized the whole WikiLeaks fiasco was orchestrated by the current administration in an effort to weaken both the United States and Hillary Clinton at the same time. Maybe some conspirotist out there has come up with that, but I haven’t heard it so far.

Of course, that’s ridiculous. It would take a very high level of competency to pull something like that off. Then again, the wackos on the other side didn’t have any trouble painting G.W. Bush as both an idiot and an evil mastermind capable of single-handedly raising gas prices, so I guess it’s not too far out there.

Some Linkage for Lookage

Ironman – The Inner Revolt and Busting Out – I think there’s even more to this. Part of it is convincing yourself that you are as tough as you’ve convinced everyone else you are.

An Even Tougher Deficit Plan – Sounds good to me, except for the VAT

Dr. Drew on Obamacare: ‘You will see a massive flight of physicians from the field’ – But he only plays a doctor on TV, right?

Stay Worried – “One way or another, it was worth having Microsoft Word with the expectation that the zillionaire Bill Gates’ shower is still no hotter than ours, and his private jet goes not much faster than our own cut-rate Southwest Airlines flights. All that seems simple enough — until now.”

The Parallels between Today and the Great Depression – To quote the great Jackie Martin Jr., “You all know the rules, they’re very much like Pyramid, but different.”

Obama’s Katrina? Don’t Get It

I’m not exactly sure what people expected the POTUS to do to stop this leaking well. For all I know, he’s not even SCUBA certified–he’s yet to produce that certificate to the public–much less an expert on deep sea drilling. And as far as I know, there’s no government agency with deep sea drilling expertise. But wait for it…I’m sure there will be innumerable people proposing one.

And let’s be fair, I don’t see how Katrina was Bush’s Katrina either.

I’m not sure why so many otherwise reasonable people expect the POTUS to have super-human powers to achieve feats like putting on their cape and airlifting people from a flood or plugging gushing holes at the bottom of the sea with their fingers.

I’m not exactly a fan, but of all the ridiculous promises Obama made and expectations he set, being able to summon the powers of the sea a la Aquaman wasn’t among them. And if he spends the whole weekend going to baseball games and playing golf, that’s three days he won’t be signing legislation that puts future generations on the hook for deficit spending. I’m cool with that.

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Obama Is A…

Inspired by this post via Instapundit, I thought I’d build a little Google Spreadsheets chart based on nothing but some semi-random words. People love charts, right?

Below are the number of Google results I got today from doing a search on “Obama is a _______”. I did this for my own amusement, and I wouldn’t put too much stock in these results. Everyone knows that popular opinion and popular vote count only matter on Wikipedia and if the guy you wanted to win the Presidency didn’t.

Feel free to suggest your own phrases in the comments, and I’ll update the chart.

Obama’s NASA Talk Here in April

Prediction — a pretty short speech that’s very abstract on the details (hardly an outline) that is moving and uplifting…until you realize there aren’t any details. I’m guessing this is pretty much a political effort to attempt to keep folks in these parts positive on his plan until after the November elections.

After that, NASA gets poleaxed.

You have to know it’s the secret dream every freshman studying aerospace engineering to one day have the opportunity to fudge climate data. Now they may get their chance.

What. The. Hell?

The Write Stuff:

NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden said Tuesday that President Barack Obama has asked him to “find ways to reach out to dominantly Muslim countries” as the White House pushes the space agency to become a tool of international diplomacy.

Hang on a sec…have to look over my shoulder to see if I can figure out where the guys from Candid Camera or Punk’d have hidden their equipment.

I know I didn’t read something that idiotic. Surely we aren’t supposed to take this seriously.

It gets more and more ridiculous by the day.

Klavan’s State of the Union

This made me cry. From laughter.

But there is much still to do.  Even as we speak, a child is crying—a little, sad, pitiful child with big eyes, crying enormous tears that will cost hundreds of billions of dollars to dry.

Only billions? That sounds like a helluva bargain! Delivery is all about timing. This State of the Union has really bad timing. I bet he wishes he could put it off for a couple of years

When the System Fails

“It was averted by brave individuals not because the system worked and that is not acceptable.”

Really?!?!?! That’s an interesting statement.

I’m must be really weird. I look at things a little differently. See,  I think the fact that the system failed and brave individuals did not is AWESOME!!!! In fact, I put way more faith and trust in a bunch of even semi-brave individuals than I do in any “system” the TSA could possibly devise.

But that’s just me–I’m a hopeless realist.

Delicious Link Dump– December 22nd through December 28th

2009: The Year of the Failed Narratives – I love story time! I have to admit that I'm a little disappointed that none of the stuff they are trying to sell us involves dragons or unicorns. I mean, if we're going to write fiction, let's go all the way with it.

Ghetto Kool-Aid – The word "ghetto" is over-used. The word "Kool-Aid", however, is not.

The New Flight Security Rules, So Far – When you can count on showing up for a flight four hours early, not being allowed to access your carry-ons (the whole purpose for carrying things on when you have children), not being able to hold objects in your lap (try explaining that to a toddler), and not being able to go to the restroom for the last hour of the flight…why on earth would anyone fly anywhere with kids? This will definitely be changing our travel plans in the future.

Is cable worth it? – Not even if they paid you to watch the commercials

Top 10 Bad Things That Are Good For You – I don't set things on fire and put them in my mouth, so weed is out. Can I double down on the beer instead? And I won't need the LSD to counter the extra beer for a few years. I won't knock the maggots until I've tried them.

Obama, Left Behind – What he really needs to fix this is a new web site and a fresh Twitter account. They'll be back in no time.

Mortgage Applications Drop to 2-Month Low – I have to believe this is mostly due to the fact that people are hanging out waiting on short sale approval letters. *hint hint*

Learn to Let Go: How Success Killed Duke Nukem – Shake it baby! This is the first and only shoot 'em game I ever bought, but it was pretty good. I'm not that into video games, so I didn't really keep up with the drama that was the continual delayed release of the sequel.

Stripper For Christmas – Ho Ho Ho! Yeah, that wasn't very original.

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