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How can you hate the free market on a Wednesday when it is the very existence of the free market that allows you to successfully pressure for-profit entities to remove their advertising dollars from someone who says something you don’t like on Thursday?

This isn’t commentary on what was said, who said it, or whether it was right or wrong.

But doesn’t this prove (yet again) that free markets are a good thing.

The Genius of Corrine Brown

I want to gradulate Corrine Brown on her successful appearance on Jacksonville radio this morning. I only wish there was video to go with this. She really needs her own morning show.

Part I, PartII, Part III, Part IV

I’m not able to decode many of her “answers” into anything that even approach a complete thought, but there on some new terms, questions, and turn of phrase introduced in this discussion:

  • “That’s a one singer…we provide that service”
  • “How come your state dead last?”
  • “The grass need to be cut..that’s what stimulate the economy and get us rollin'”
  • “It’s really no one bullet answer.”
  • “…cars that are more environmental conscious.”

I really hope she runs for Senate so I’ll have an opportunity to vote against her.

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