In The Best Shape Of My Life (Again)

I’m thinking that on May 20th, barring any unforeseen injuries or mishaps, I’m going to start the Ironman 70.3 race in Haines City in the best shape of my life. At least, it will be a new version of “best shape of my life”.

Being in shape is a very relative thing.

I’ve been (much) stronger than I am now in the weight room.

I’ve been able to run faster at every distance from 100 meters to marathon at one point or another than I can now.

I’ve probably been able to do a 40k time trial on the bike faster than I can now.

I’ve definitely been able to get knocked down and get back up faster and more times…rugby has a fitness nothing else can emulate.

As far as triathlon goes, I’ve probably been in better “sprint” shape than I am right now too. My best 5k fitness level probably correlates with that.

But I’m definitely approaching a new level of fitness for triathlon distances Oly and up. Not that I’m anywhere close to fit enough for 140.6 right now…I know my place in the┬áhierarchy. But it doesn’t seem like an insane distance now. Definitely seems matter-of-fact-doable.

May 21st, or maybe a day or two after that, I’m going to have some thinking to do. I’ll worry about it then, but it seems like a shame to miss the opportunity to start at this point and build into something bigger.

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  • ragarcia


    Reading your posts is almost likto watching my exact same thoughts come to life in print.

    My cousin signed me up for the Louisville 140.6 in August, so Haines City begins a 3-month countdown to my first full.

    With every day that passes it seems more and more doable, but it still is scaring the crap out of me.


    • So you are already committed, huh? I’m not going to think about it just yet. But I’m thinking about thinking about it for sure!

  • ragarcia

    Yeah, committed and working hard to be ready.