We had a chance to train for an hour or so with Gerry over the weekend. He’s a big purple belt, and it was so good to see some different views on things, get some different ideas, and some personal attention to questions and problems. Not going to lie…it will be fun to take some of this stuff back to the gym and try it out on some unsuspecting opponents. Of course, can’t wait to share what I learned as well.

I’m probably only remembering about half of what we went over, but here are some of the hightlights.

Cross choke angle scoot for better tightness

  • Deep grip to start (same)
  • Cock hips away from grip
  • Thumb in opposite collar
  • Move hips back
  • Pull down, elbows up

Arm bar trickery with collar grip for rotation

  • Pistol grip on gi at elbow
  • Cross collar grip with other hand to control posture
  • Pull and pull to rotate around and get leg up
  • Finish

Clock choke against opponent from turtle

  • Thumb in across collar
  • Elbow up
  • Slide through
  • Circle

Triangle defense (last resort)

  • Drop to knees
  • Ball up
  • Move leg over head

Mount escape

  • Grab gi at foot
  • Straighten leg
  • Pick up foot and put them into quarter guard
  • Push knee to half guard

Kimura defense (instead of hiding arm)

  • Hand on opponent’s elbow to push
  • Roll toward’s trapped arm and shrimp

Roll from half guard to create scramble, take back. Like this…