Last night we worked on options from that weird tangled position we’ve been ending up in. We have the arm isolated, and more than likely have a kimura grip or something close to it. We’re on our backs and our opponent is kinda sorta turtled up. We’re throwing one leg over the waste to stop them from rolling, and we’re lacing the other foot underneath their arm with the crook of our knee in their neck.

Grab that arm and keep your elbow tight to your body. From there we have a downbar from our elbow, the “I Dream of Jeannie” downbar, the unconventional kimura, conventional kimura, or we can push their hip out and get our foot under their torso–encouraging them to roll into the scissor choke.

But never let go of that kimura grip.

Rolled with Ana, Brad, Ed, visiting Mike, and Miguel-The-Father-Of-Four.