New mats at the gym, so a bunch of our warm up drills were 20% longer than I’m used to. It actually made a difference!

Technique was a modified flower sweep that I liked a lot:

  • Pistol grip at the cuffs
  • Grip opposite pant at the knee: KEY TIP: if there isn’t enough cloth to grab, pull opponent in with your knees to create some slack. Also tried this with underhooking the leg so that it will work with no-gi.
  • Elbows tight
  • Bring foot on the cuff grip side to the mat and pivot body (not a shrimp!)
  • Bring other foot (knee grip side) high and push your shin into their armpit
  • This should make them reach and touch the mat. When they do, chop the leg you put into armpit across their body while punching up with the knee grip

Arm bar variation:

  • As you punch over, you may feel you aren’t getting the sweep or you may just have a good opportunity to swing your leg over their head, scoot in, and finish the arm bar

Six minute rolls with Jim, Abraham, and Brad. Brad is a complete animal–thanks for reading! 🙂

We also did some no-gi rolling for some video footage for one of Coach Frank’s sponsors: who have some pretty cool t-shirts you should check out!