• Tight side control
  • Push far arm back at bicep
  • Grab and pull arm back with hand under head
  • Peel opponent up
  • Switch hips and step over the arm–grip foot at ankle and pull it tight
  • Gable grip and slide knee under
  • Figure 4 legs

Like this, but tighter…

Submissions off of crucifix:

  • Peel close lapel down and go thumb in with opposite hand
  • Tuck elbow to the hip for choke
  • Bring arm to front end and forearm slice trapped arm with shin. Can switch let position and grip from undereath to aid this one
  • Thumb in opposite lapel and leg over to choke on the close side

During rolls, I figured out something cool. I was attempting the modified flower sweep we learned on Tuesday, but my opponent was keen to it since he’d learned the same technique. He wasn’t allowing me to get the pant grip or the underhook and had a firm grip on my wrist. I went ahead and attempted the sweep, but instead of punching the pant grip (that I didn’t have) up as we rolled, I punched the wrist he was gripping towards the wall. A little bit more effort, but the same result.