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My Reaction To The Lost Finale

True, I haven’t seen it yet, but here are a few excerpts from my prepared statements…

“See, I KNEW it!!!! I had that figured out during Season 1”

“Wow, didn’t see that coming.”

“They didn’t answer all of my questions. Of course, every question they answer would just lead to a new question.”

“It wasn’t as bad as the Seinfeld finale, but it wasn’t as good as The Wire’s finale.”

“Finally, I can concentrate on my unanswered questions from The Tudors…I have no idea what’s going to happen on that show.”

“That’s a lot of cheering.”

I may cut that last comment out of my remarks when I deliver them live.

Stuff You Should See– April 2nd through May 24th

Lost Finale Heads Into The Light – Newscoma writes some of the best Lost summaries/observations around. I’m going to read this…as soon as I get to watch the finale.

How to Tweet Your Way Out of a Job – Hilarious.

After Housing Bust, Builders Dust Off the Boom Machine – Demand is demand, even when it is manufactured out of thin air.

Build Your Own Backyard Fire Pit – Ain’t nothin’ better than your own backyard

Top Ten Reasons You Should Quit Facebook – Really only need one. I’m not convinced they are competent enough to protect people’s data even if they wanted to.

18 Week Olympic Distance Training Program – Intermediate

Can Science Explain the Concept of Heaven? – I was really just looking for a yes or no.

Now that LOST is Over, I have a Few Questions…

You know how pirates and outlaws who rob stage coaches are romanticized in literature and stories? Is the same thing going to happen with car jackers and smash and grab robbers in the future?

Is there a smarter person in show business than Weird Al Yankovic? He doesn’t even have to come up with original ideas. As long as 7th grade girls are changing favorite pop songs every couple of weeks, there will be 7th grade boys who want to hear parodies of those songs.

These have been troubling me for while, and now the national collective brain trust should have time to work on them.

Stuff You Should See– February 2nd through February 5th

Consumer debt will hold back spending, holding back economic growth. – Don't be ridiculous. We just have to "get banks lending again". Right.

Booze Camp Nashville – EVERY city needs something like this. You can keep your geek breakfast.

Teenagers Are Kind of Over Blogging – I think that headline is a little misleading. It should have read, "Like, Teenagers Are, Like, Kind of Over, Like, Blogging?"

The Day the Music Died – Pretty cool…check this out.

Bagged salad: how clean are packaged salads? – {insert your own joke using the word "toss" here}

Punching a Dude in the Face For Jesus – Love the marketing innovation here.

UI Concepts for Chromium Tablet – I like that Apple has set the bar so low on pricing. That's good for all of us, especially as competitors pop up.

Lost: 16 Hopes For The Final Season – I actually don't agree with a lot of these. For instance, I don't think Charles and Jacob are at the top of the battle for the island. Jacob maybe, but Charles is a mortal. I think.

Stuff You Should See– January 15th through January 26th

Celebrity Rehab 3 – Take it day by day. If you can go the whole season without watching an episode, more power to you. But I'll bet you a cold cold beer you can't do it.

Mardi Gras 1956 – This is cool. I haven't been to New Orleans in 6 or 7 years. This makes me want to go back. Not for Mardi Gras, but I still want to go back.

Lost Fans Soon To Be More Annoying – I can't wait to hypothesize on Twitter. For hours.

Trees toppling in national park kills – Wow….this is really sad and such a freak accident. You don't think about things like this happening.

Lane Kiffin Dirt and Cover Up – I've heard for a while there is some of this type stuff out there, but haven't seen anything other than stuff on message boards. I run a message board and can attest that it's not much more than a bunch of monkeys banging on keyboards. But once a blogger takes the time to type it up…maybe there's something to it. Interesting!

Background Apps To The iPhone? – An Apple fan girl told me this already existed. I guess not. I have to say, I LOVE having the ability to stream Pandora and run a Cardio program simultaneously while I'm running. It works just like you'd think it would. Cardio lowers the volume of Pandora to give you distance and pace, and raises the volume back when it's finished.

Dysfunctional Leadership Quotes – It's funny to read this and know that somewhere out there, there are even worse examples of leadership than those described here. LOL!

Venues Can Display Foursquare Mayors – It will be awesome when I'm featured on the WalMart, Publix, Panera, and IKEA websites. You may already believe that's me on the Sea World site when you visit, but that's an actual whale.

15 Steps to Cultivate Lifelong Learning – Very nice article here. Even though I sort of know all of these things intuitively, I need to be more active in implementing some of them.

Some Lost Thoughts on The Incident

Is Richard an agent of anti-Jacob?

  • Richard told Locke he had to kill his father, then Locke got someone else (Sawyer) to do it. Richard also told Ben to kill his fater, and Ben did it. Was Richard in search of this pair of peope–one who would kill his father/Father and one who would have somone else do it?
  • Ben thought Jacob lived in the cabin, but it appears that was actually anti-Jacob using Christian’s body to manipulate Locke and the others. Richard actually did know where Jacob really lived, and he took Locke there. He must have known what was going to go down and was instructed by anti-Jacob.

Jacob and anti-Jacob can’t kill each other. Ben and Charles can’t kill each other. Are they each others’ constants? Makes sense that you can’t kill your own constant, but what do you gain by your constant being killed by someone else.

If the bomb was actually detonated and the Losties are killed in the universe where it explodes, their conciousness can’t be transferred into the universe where The Incident never happened, right? But it appears that the island may split into two universes here too–one where The Incident occurs and one where the bomb detonates. How does that affect Jacob and anti-Jacob?

The lettering of “LOST” at the end of the show is usually white lettering on black background, but at the end of this one it was black lettering on a white background. Does that mean everything is turned on its head–good is bad and bad is good?

Coma has more, and there’s always Lostpedia

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