My favorite thing about coming up with my own timed workouts is that I get to hold all the world records.

There’s a Crossfit workout I really like called “Murph”: For time–run a mile, 100 pullups/200 pushups/300 squats, run a mile.

I did a workout today that’s sort of a modified half-Murph. The exercises are halved, but the run distances are doubled. So it’s run 2 miles, 50 pullups/100 pushups/150 squats, run 2 miles.

The idea, obviously, is to put more focus on running endurance and less on strength. I still think it’s a really good strength workout though because it hits the lats and pecs for swimming, and it burns your thighs up pretty good too, which lets you get a taste of what it feels like to get off the bike and run. Forgot my HRM, but I think this is pretty good practice for controlling pace after T2 and getting the heart rate under control before trying to press a run. That’s something I need lositz work on.

Today’s results

Miles 1-2: 20:19

Pullups/Pushups/Squats: 17:03

Miles 3-4: 21:13