Technique was a triangle with a different set up. Instead of push-pull with wrist control we:

  • Posture control and trap arm
  • Sleeve control on other arm and shrimp to foot on elbow
  • Knee to the ceiling and foot to the floor
  • Kick foot out to set the leg for triangle
  • Figure 4, then hand to shin
  • Wiggle for the angle and deepen the figure 4
  • Pop the posture to get the arm through
  • Wiggle for angle

And the defense:

  • Answer the phone and pressure
  • Other hand to opponent’s hip
  • Both hands to hips an posture up
  • Free arm to collar grip
  • Drive shoulder through leg to the collar
  • Enjoy side control


Andre–tough to get past his guard. He’s young, flexible, fast, and strong. Got to half guard once and was looking for side control but he regained guard

Ed–tried to pull guard and he got around. Worked from the bottom for top position and tried for Ezekiel. No dice. Went back to side control at 30 seconds and KOB, pulling up leg and head for discomfort. Still no tap.

Norm–focused on staying out of his full guard and trying to pass. Got around once (gift) and didn’t tighten up the side control so I lost it quickly and got choked. Went again and got one leg through. Stayed tight and got side control again (another gift), but tightened it up this time and was able to keep it longer. Was defending an arm bar when time ran out.

Ed–Was able to pull guard from the get go (finally). Held him and threatened the few submissions i have there. Was able to work my way to a triangle threat. Couldn’t finish, but was able to roll it to mount. Going for Americana when time ran out.