Really awesome training today. One of the upsides of being on the ground floor of a new gym I guess–when a new class time starts, it will be small and more individualized. Worked out for me this morning since I was the only one there.

While we were stretching, Coach Frank asked what I’d like to work on. I said, “You’re the coach…fix something that’s broken. LOL.”

We rolled for a couple of rounds and he said, “Alright…cool…I know exactly what we need to work on.”

Technique–Simple Mount Escape

I think he saw this watching me roll a few times, then felt it when we rolled. My only real effective option when mounted has been to upa and shrimp/twist to get to a hip and hope I can get a knee in. He gave me a better option today:

  • Trap arm on the side you want to go to
  • Foot on that side outside of their foot
  • Other foot with active toes under butt
  • Twist upper body away from trapped arm
  • Look up
  • Roll head to the gap between shoulder and head while pushing up
  • If using an underhook on the other arm, be aware of that because you roll into full guard

Pretty much like the first one demonstrated here, but with a little more space created with the head/shoulder to make the roll easier.