Not much sleep the night before, and I could tell during the warmups this one would be tough for me. Ana and I were the only white belts in the class though, so I knew it was going to be very…”educational”.

We worked on variations from the Smash Pass for technique. First we just went over the pass, then a variation to get mount when caught in quarter guard while passing. This is happening to me a lot lately, and I know we’ve gone over it before, but it’s more meaningful now.

  • Trap the underhook and post hand
  • Back step to other side
  • Grab knee and shuffle backwards 3 steps, switching enemy’s hips
  • Push down and step back over, holding bottom leg down with shin and top with butt
  • Slice knee in and pop trapped foot
  • Underhooks and get mount

Then we worked on the collar choke from quarter guard for when you have a deep grip or just can’t get out. Or, in my case, you can’t dance well enough to step back and forth around their legs.

I rolled with Norm, Frank, Norm, and and Brandon who was visiting from Boise. Or, in belts, purple-brown-purple-purple. I got absolutely demolished! Really fun though–got banana split submitted for the first time. I didn’t know my legs could stretch that far. And Frank got the bow and arrow he’s been wanting.

Funny to know that it’s coming for several days and still not be able to stop it.